Is listening to an entire book bearable with the TTS software

In the beginning, the computer generates voices and sounds were robotic and used to sound very boring. There is no way you could have gone through a whole book, even a small paragraph using that kind of software. Since then, technology has come a very long way and each aspect has been developed to offer a better service. The recent developments in speech synthesis have brought about some major growth on the TTS techs. To answer the question, Yes; if you get a good TTS programme you can good readings out of some books articles and magazines. The modern TTS software will need a little getting used to but it may not disappoint you. Some people argue that the TTS program is not as bad as listening to someone who has a foreign accent. Imagine someone of a different language reading an entire book to you? You would not be able to catch anything.

Nowadays, most programs offer different adaptive options. The most basic and advantageous one in this situation is that you can use different voices or set the sounds to different tones. For instance, you have the options of choosing between a male or female as your main voice. Some even have the option to choose between old and young voices. If you want accents or different language, you can get it by simply changing them in the settings to a desirable one. if you are really into reading, you can pay for premiums that offer some of the best and natural sounding voice technologies. Even so, there are basic TTS software that will give you some bearable services. It is always good to shop around and find the best fit before you make a final decision.  Sometimes, you may find that the best sound is not one that speaks with your accent. Some people reported that a British text to speech worked better as a voice over for a novel rather than the basic American English.