How to ask a girl for her number through online dating apps

Let’s say you made a great dating profile, put up some good pictures, creates an irresistible bio and started talking to some girls who like you and finally found a specific girl that you might be interest in , what should you do now? After all that work and determination you wouldn’t want to say anything to put her off. Losing her attention is one of the worst things that could happen.  Obviously you would not want to say anything to drive her away. The first thing you should do is to make sure you have taken time to build some sort of connection between the two of you. For most women giving out their phone number will require a level of trust. They just can’t trust anyone they meet on the dating site. You have to make her safe and comfortable around you by portraying some confidence. Don’t over-do it because it may come off as creepy and arrogant which will chase her away completely.

Some of the best ways to portray some confidence is by taking control of the conversation, avoid being overly complimentary and talk more about their interest and likes. As you are exchanging the messages, some signs should tell you whether the girl likes you or not. If she ghosts you then you obviously do not stand a chance. A girl who keeps the same energy as you in the conversations might just have a mutual feeling.  When you notice this, you should try to move things offline as fast as you can. If you keep holding it off, you might just lose her to someone else. Before asking for a ارقام بنات, ensure she is likely going to agree by making an indirect question first. Do not text or call immediately you get the number; you can wait a couple of hour or the next day to avoid being labelled as desperate.