Here is how you can improve your torrent tracker ratio- Seedbox guide

Why is having a good ratio important? It enhances the uploading and downloading speeds between peers and seeding on your Seedbox. It can also give you a better chance for invites. Low rates are unsatisfying when it comes to the speed. You can improve it by going for newer torrents. You can greatly improve the ratio when you go for a torrent file earlier than other downloader’s seed.  New files will likely attract more leechers compared to seeders.  Another appealing way to improve the ratio is to choose the smaller files over the bigger ones. A download that is completed faster is more likely going to start leeching immediately they are done downloading.  You can increase the torrent ratio buy looking for a popular torrent with a ratio that has more leechers than seeders.  This will help to increase the ratio quickly.

When you come across a torrent with zero leechers, you should avoid it at all costs. If no one is downloading your file, the ratio will definitely not balance.  Anything that has a zero on the leecher column is a no go zone. Cross seeding will help you balance the ratio; it is a process where re-seeding of downloaded files is done. You can do this by grabbing a file from some of your trackers.  Ensure you familiarise yourself with the tracker rules before doing this.  Sometimes, the limit can lead to a poor ratio. Setting a limit on uploads and downloads will make a bigger difference. The download speed has a direct ratio to the upload speed. When you complete a download on your torrent, don’t stop torrent client from seeding; this will increase the upload rate.  Deleting or moving the files will disturb the seeding process. You can copy the files from one location to another without altering the process.